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The Benefits of Fastbraces®

  • Teeth Move More Easily. There is traditionally less friction using the Fastbraces Technology system vs. traditional braces.
  • Lower Sensitivity and Pain. Research has shown “lower sensitivity” and less pain with the bracket system of Fastbraces.
  • Teeth are Safe. Fastbraces reduces the amount of time a patient is in braces and reduces the risk of root resorption.
  • Everyone is a Candidate! Fastbraces can be used on children and adults!

Fastbraces in Largo FL

Fastbraces® are designed to straighten teeth in a much shorter time period than traditional braces. The teeth are moved differently and safely, creating a beautiful smile quickly and easily!

How it Works

Having been in use for more than 20 years, Fastbraces® Technology was developed with safety in mind allowing the system to be fast and affordable without compromising patient care. Fastbraces® Technology for teeth straightening uses a unique, patented bracket design that is triangular shaped. The triangular shaped bracket allows for the use of just one wire at a time.

Unlike traditional braces, the Fastbraces® system moves the root and the crown of the tooth simultaneously. Traditional braces are not designed to do this. Instead, they are designed to move the crown of the tooth in the first year and the root of the tooth in the second. This process is significantly quickened by Fastbraces® technology. Now, patients seeking cosmetic dentistry can get a beautiful, straight smile in as little as a few months. Furthermore, post treatment retainers do not need to be worn all day or even at night. They are only required to be worn for 15 minutes each day!

The Research

Fastbraces® Technology has shown optimal performance in the following areas:

Fast Braces Largo FL

Teeth Move Easily

Research has shown that Fastbraces® have the lowest frictional forces when compared to traditional braces.

Fast Braces Largo FL

Less Sensitivity

Fastbraces® have been shown to be less uncomfortable than traditional braces. Patients report less sensitivity and greater pain reduction.

Fast Braces Largo FL

Teeth are Safe

Many studies have found that the longer patients wear traditional braces, the more root resorption, which is tooth root shortening, they experience. With the Fastbraces® method of teeth straightening, however, research has found even less tooth root resorption than with traditional braces.

Are You a Candidate for Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® are a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure for adults and children. During your consultation, the doctor will discuss your options with you and whether or not Fastbraces® are a good treatment choice for you.

And now, Fastbraces® comes with a clear option! Fastbraces® Clear™ utilize ceramic technology to offer patients a clear option to move their teeth.

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